Meet Mr & Mrs Medcalf

Josh and Laura got married on April 29, 2017

Its almost time to wish them a happy anniversary, what better way than to feature them in this month’s post! I feel like I form a friendship with almost every bride that comes through and Laura was no exception. She was a joy to work with and a calm presence to be around even if she felt overwhelmed she didn’t let on. She had a vision for her big day that I was so excited to see come into the Art Center. I worked closely with Laura and her mom as they planned and put together a beautiful day that speaks to the wonderful love that Laura and Josh share.

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How did you meet?

Josh and I met at a restaurant here in town. I was a waitress at Ruby Tuesday’s, preparing to head to Fairmont State University for my second year of college. Josh was at the restaurant one night with our friends, Matt and Ashlee. Josh asked to talk with me before I went home for the evening, I gave him my phone number and the rest in history!

Tell us about the proposal….

Josh took me to dinner at Austyn’s in Marietta, where we had our second date! We ate dinner, and I assumed we were waiting on a check. Josh began to clear the table off, and I thought to myself, man he must really want to get out of here and go home! To my surprise he proposed! Now that restaurant is a very special place for us to go to.

What inspired the vision you had for your big day?

My favorite place to be is the beach, so it made perfect sense to have a coastal/beach themed wedding. With that theme and the wedding being in the spring, finding decorations was very easy.

What made you choose the Art Center as your venue?

The Art Center was the first and only venue we looked at. The space, the atmosphere, and not to mention the beautiful art on the walls made the decision for us. The staff was so helpful and wanted to ensure the big day was perfect. I can’t thank Lyndsay enough for getting me through the stress of a wedding. She is full of great ideas for the big day and makes herself available to any questions or problems you may have. There were also several options to choose from for where to have the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception. You can really make it any way you want!

What other vendors did you choose, and can you tell us a little about your experiences?

We used Liv Hefner photography, Weber’s catering out of Marietta, Grant’s Rental for decorations, and Roberts Entertainment for a DJ. I cannot express how lucky I was to have these people help and participate in our wedding. They were all helpful and willing to answer any questions I had at any time. Our pictures were gorgeous, the food was delicious, and everyone had fun at the reception. That’s what weddings are for, right?!

What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?

The whole day was so memorable it is hard to choose! From getting to see my husband dressed up in a tuxedo to getting ready with great friends and family, the day was awesome! But, getting to see my mom and dad before the ceremony was a very important part of my day. We cried and laughed, and at the moment I was so thankful for all that they had done to make the day special.

Any last bits of advice?

On your big day, stop and remember to enjoy and appreciate your loved ones who have helped you through the process. My wedding day was one of the last and best memories I have of my grandmother. The day after our wedding her health started to decline due to complications from kidney cancer, and she passed away five months later. Weddings are a great time to make memories. So, don’t get upset if the cake didn’t look the way you wanted it to or the table clothes weren’t the right length, and focus on showing love towards those there to support you.


Lyndsay Dennis
Events & Membership Coordinator
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