All exhibits are on view Wednesdays through Saturdays, 10:00-5:00 ($2 non-PAC member admission.) Wednesdays are FREE! Admission to opening receptions is $10 for non-members and Free for Members.

Jesse Thornton Photography: February 16 - March 26

  •  Opening February 16, 5:30-7:30 p.m. 

Jesse Thornton’s specialty is taking pictures in near or complete darkness. It is occasionally moody, and makes you think you are looking at a painting instead of a photograph.  Born in Point Pleasant, and now a Huntington resident, Thornton describes himself as "an explorer, student of the Sciences, and a dreamer.”  His concern over the current degree of light pollution in our night skies is reflected in his works.

“I’m fortunate to live in a state where nearly complete darkness can be found; where the Milky Way is still visible from horizon to horizon.  West Virginia is one of the last places in the East Coast where this is possible. The starry sky has inspired humankind throughout history, to advance us culturally and scientifically. It’s given us perspective on our place in the universe and allowed us to dream bigger.  I feel an obligation to document what we are losing, because so few people are aware of the light pollution issue.” --Jesse Thornton

Images by Jesse Thornton from left to right:  Huntington Noire and River of Dreams

Past Exhibits: 

  • The Innovative Arts Alliance is a group of artists from WV and Ohio. Their members include carvers, quilters, painters, lithographers, photographers, and paper-smiths.  This will be the fifth time the Art Center has hosted their biennial exhibit.

  • Women of Appalachia Project 11: Their Stories and Their Art. This group show is the brainchild of Albany, Ohio, artist Kari Gunter-Seymour, and features works by female artists from Ohio, WV, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  Participants include established professionals and rising artists in all mediums.  

IMAGES from left to right:

Art quilt by Susan Nash (Innovative Arts Alliance)
Watercolor by Virginia Killian (Innovative Arts Alliance)
Oil by Marlene L'Abbe (Women of Appalachia Project)
Sculpture by Laurie Vancouver (Women of Appalachia Project)

  • "Artful Trees 2017" What if Picasso HAD trimmed a Christmas Tree? Bet it would be interesting to look at.  Our gallery of trees will be trimmed with 6x6 works of art created by regional artists.  These artful ornaments are available for sale.  Come walk through our seasonal forest of inspiration.