Inspire Your Heart With Art!

  January is the month of New Year's resolutions.  This month also holds a special day for the appreciations of art and how it enriches our lives. 

January 31st is the day of "Inspire your Heart with Art Day."

   If you haven't already heard of the PAC Pals, we are a volunteer group of young professionals that help plan events throughout the year.  Our first event was the Halloween Masque-Rave. Now we want to propose a fun challenge to all of you art lovers out there.  How about this month you incorporate giving back to the art community as part of your New Year's resolution?  Or an even better idea, piggy back it with something you are already giving up, for example: give up buying a cup of coffee everyday or stop eating so much fast food. Think of this as a way to stick to your New Year's resolution by donating what you would've spent on something and donate it to the Parkersburg Art Center. What a perfect way for you to do something selfless and benefit yourself by sticking to your goal.  Here's what we would like you to do.

1.Take a selfie ( include what you are giving up or artwork!) and tagit @parkersburgartcenter in your picture.

2. Use the hashtag #inspireyourheartwithart

you can either visit the website: and donate online or stop in at the Parkersburg Art Center and drop off your donation in person- We'd love to see you!