February 5 - March 5, 2016

Ardine Nelson/Fredrik Marsh Photographers. This husband and wife team are both Gugenheim Fellows. Both are retired from the faculty of the Ohio State University School of Photography.  They are shooting a series of photographs of the Mid-Ohio-Valley.  Join us for the opening Friday, February 5, from 5:30 - 7:30 to meet Ardine and Fred. Main and Boll Galleries

Mid-February - Early April 2016

WVAEA K-12 School Art Exhibition. Esbenshade Gallery. Find out how YOUR school and students can be a part of this program!

March 18 - April 30, 2016

Cathy Wilkin & The Cardinal's Mass. Main and South Galleries. Cathy Wilkin, of Harper's Ferry, WV, makes a triumphant return to the Art Center with a solo show of her extraordinary collages. Cathy took First Prize in "The River 2014," PAC's biennial show for professional artists.

March 4

Comic and Toy Convention

May 2

The River 2016 "Call to Entries" - A Juried Exhibition-Submission Deadline


May 15 - June 18, 2016

All Galleries: WV Allied Artists Biennial Exhibition

June 26 - August 6, 2016

The River Biennial Juried Exhibition. All Galleries Submission deadline is May 2, 2016. The 2014 River Gallery can be viewed here.

August 19 - September 17, 2016

RESolve Studios ( Geoff Schenkel & Company). Main, Boll and Mess Galleries.

Amy Johnson Assemblies. Exbenshade Gallery

September 30 - October 31, 2016

WVU-P Biennial Student Exhibition, works by art instructors Beth Sears Cox and Zack Orcutt and their students. Main and Boll Galleries

November 13 - December 31, 2016

WV Art & Crafts Guild's Biennial Exhibition. Main and Mezz Galleries

Women of Appalachia VII.  Boll & Esbenshade Galleries

Artist Inspired Trees. What if Picasso HAD trimmed a Christmas Tree? Bet it would be interesting to look at.  Volunteer area artists of all ages get together each year to make this one of the Art Center's best-loved annual exhibits.  Each team chooses a famous artist and re-interprets one of their works as a Christmas tree. The results can be beautiful, funny, just plain bizarre....and sometimes all of the above.  It's painless and fun art history for all ages.



Cathy Wilkin

Cathy Wilkin

Allied Artist Sutphin

Allied Artist Pat Roberts