The Esbenshade Art Maker Studio


Did you know that the Art Center now has our very own Art Maker Studio just for adults?  YES WE DO!  Come visit our Art Maker Studio!

This studio space is specifically for those adults 18 years and up who don't have the space at home, needs protected time from everyday "life" or doesn't have access to a large space to work on art projects. This studio is perfect for college students, stay-at-home parents, artsy couples that can focus better away from home life, empty nesters, seniors or just about anyone who would like to delve in the wonderful whimsical world of art.  We have the space for just about anyone to work on anything.

Studio Membership

As a studio member you have 37 hours a week available to you to work on special projects that you can ACTUALLY finish!  You'll find out that having protected time is amazing, You can create new friendships with our studio members and have the opportunity to learn from each other and share mixed media techniques.  We are quite a creative crew! Our class time will always come first before studio time.  So please check our calendar of events to make sure you have the protected time available.  You are welcome to use the mixed media space of the studio if there is a class in session, but please be courteous and respectful.

FineTime Parties

The Esbenshade Art Maker Studio is the home of our fun filled FineTime Artful Parties.  FineTime artful parties are fun get-togethers held each week at the Art Center.  Bring your friends and your favorite beverages...we supply the instructor and materials.  You'll take home a finished work of art and a great memory.  Check out our FineTime page for the full listing of our artful parties. 

Can't make it to one of our FineTime artful painting parties? Then schedule one of your own.   All you need is a minimum of 5 guests, a painting idea and all the food and drinks that you want to bring.  We'll provide all the supplies and the instructor.  It's that easy!  Call today to book your party!! 304-485-3859