Meet Mr & Mrs Gillis

Christie and Dave got married on February 24, 2018

One of the best things about my job is the people I get to meet and the way I get to watch an event come together. This couple, from the moment I met them, stole my heart. It was such a pleasure working with them and seeing the love and care they put into every detail of their big day.

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How did you meet?

We met through mutual friends. Our friends had both told us about one another briefly. I had just got out of a bad relationship when they mentioned him to me at the time and that was it. I was getting ready to delete my Facebook at the time and on Superbowl Sunday 2016 he sent me a message stating he was the one they had mentioned. Like anyone else I went through his Facebook to see if I wanted to talk to him. Of course, I did and I am so glad I did. We have been together ever since. I not only got him I also gained his two beautiful daughters as well making us a family of six.

Tell us about the proposal…

I had talked about being married and he would always change the subject like any guy. August of 2017, he had a trip planned to Jamaica. All of the family knew he was planning on asking me in Jamaica and at our daughters 16th birthday in April he showed the ring which was in my car under the tire in the trunk. Who would have known? August finally came and we were off to Jamaica. I had never been out of states and it was absolutely amazing.  We arrive at the resort where we stayed for an entire week. Being there was absolutely breathtaking. We did so many things while there snorkeling, watched shows on the beach, dancing, you name it we did it. On day two of being there we went to show and they had asked people to come up so he kept trying to get me to go up on stage and I wouldn't do it. We finish the show then walked out on the deck and all you could hear is people yelling you couldn't hear yourself let anyone else. We continued to walk then ended up sitting on end of dock and talking. Then we went up to our room and sat out of the balcony overlooking the water while I ate some sour patch kids. While I continued to eat them dropping them everywhere Dave got up and came around and kneeled down thinking he was picking up my sour patch kids I had dropped and I look up and he says "Will you" I said are you serious not even realizing he had a ring, I then realized it really is happening. I of course said YES!

What inspired the vision you had for your big day?

I had always wanted a fairy tale wedding and knew one day it would happen.

What made you choose the Art Center as your venue?

We had gone to several places and looked at other venues nothing jumped out to me until we came there. I knew that was the place. Absolutely beautiful and everything I wanted. Adding to why I chose PAC was because of Lyndsay. She met with me numerous times on how I wanted things to go and made them happen. If I had a question, I called and she answered it or found a way to do it. My wedding was definitely hectic and with all her help and going above and beyond she made sure my day was about me not anyone else. I'm sure she was ready for me to be done and married afterwards. So, I greatly appreciate everything she did. I would recommend anyone to her and most definitely let her be the planner.

What other vendors did you choose and can you tell us a little about your experiences?

We used Craig Robert's for our DJ. We met with him and everything we wanted he could do and he was definitely worth it all. We also used Alicia Sunderman for our Wedding Cakes. I had always used her and I could tell her what I want and she makes it happen. She was definitely reasonable with the cost on what we wanted to spend.

What is your favorite memory of your wedding day?

My husband would say my son's speech. We had no idea he was even doing a speech until he took the mic. Needless to say, he had everyone in tears afterwards. My favorite memory is taking his last name, and my son walking me down the aisle.

Any last bits of advice?

Marriage does not happen overnight. It takes time and to make it work you will go through good and bad times. Be patient, kind, and always be there for them no matter what may come or happen.


Lyndsay Dennis
Events & Membership Coordinator
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